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With Easter Day approaching faster and faster it can often become easy to ignore the more modest things about it. That’s why there is nothing better than a holiday pillow cover to show your love for the Easter period. Pillow covers should always keep your pillows safe from dust and dirt that can accumulate from regular use as well as looking great when on display especially at this special holiday.
That’s why we collect top 10 holiday pillow covers for Easter Day here. Not only do they look absolutely fantastic and festival wherever you choose to keep them but they will also ensure that your pillows are protected from the elements.
Just keep in mind that these are just the covers, if you want to purchase pillows, study here.
Top 10 Linkwell Easter Pillow Cover
Yellow Ribbon Bunny Pillow Cover
Yellow Ribbon Bunny Pillow Cover - This pillow cover has a wonderful design that evokes the spirit of the Easter Bunny every time you look at it. With a gorgeous spring ground under the bunny’s feet and a just emerged butterfly framing the pillow cover it looks fantastic no matter where you put it.
Postcard Chicks Pillow Cover
Postcard Chicks Pillow Cover - This delightful pillow is framed by what looks like postmarks. It gives the baby birds in the image a look as though they have been sent on a postcard, which is both charming and unique. Offering a soft cover as well as this means that this pillow will provide comfort.
Postcard bunnies Pillow Cover
Postcard bunnies Pillow Cover - These bunnies are rolling an Easter egg right to your door. The postmark around the outside of the image will ensure that it is delivered on time. This pillow cover will make your pillows look great no matter where you want to keep them, from sofa to bed it will look great anywhere.
Happy Easter Pillow Cover
Happy Easter Pillow Cover -This pillow has a simple black design with a beautiful font proclaiming Happy Easter. It will ensure that your love for the holiday is apparent to everyone who visits your house. Giving comfort and a great look to your home at Easter.
Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Pillow Cover
Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Pillow Cover - Show off your love of Easter as well as your love of literary classics with this fantastic pillow cover that has the perpetually late white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland on it. Drawn wonderfully it will add a touch of class to your sofa when you place it on there.
Small brown bunnies Pillow Cover
Small brown bunnies Pillow Cover -This pillow cover is possibly the cutest on the list. Showing two baby bunnies braving the winter it will melt your heart every time you look at it. Perfect for almost any holiday it will ensure that any visitors to your home will instantly fall in love with your decor.
Blue eggs in a nest Pillow Cover
Blue eggs in a nest Pillow Cover - These eggs will instantly remind whoever comes into your home that Easter eggs are a big part of the Easter period. You have better make sure that you stock up on Easter eggs because people will have their sweet tooth teased when they see this pillow cover.
Green leaf Pillow Cover
Green leaf Pillow Cover - This green leaf will instantly remind you of the spring time when leaves first come back out to the fore. With Easter being the first day of Spring it is a perfect reminded of the many great things that happen at Easter time, and is still great to have around your house all year round.
Happy Spring Pillow Cover
Happy Easter Wreath Pillow Cover -A wonderful pillow cover that keeps things simple without missing out the most important message, have a Happy Easter. The gorgeous flowers that are in the corner of the pillow cover give a sense of beauty that ensures that no matter where you choose to place this pillow cover it will look great.
Happy Spring Pillow Cover
Happy Spring Pillow Cover -A wonderful potted plant design that instantly shows up one of the most important aspects to Easter, the start of Spring. With some delicious onions protruding from the top of the pot it shows everyone that life begins anew during Spring and will look great on your sofa or your bed, or anywhere else you might decide to put them.
Every single one of these pillows will help to create a wonderful festive atmosphere in your home and help to show your guests just exactly how much you love Easter.

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