How to Stuff the Decorative Pillow Cover

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One of the most creative ways to transform the appeal of your living room is through soft furnishings, in this case, decorative pillows. These add warmth and visual comfort that makes the living space attractive as well as inviting. A single throw pillow with the right words, colors or patterns is able to instantly transform the appeal of your living room. You can purchase a readily decorated throw pillow cover or simply make your own.
However, how to stuff the throw decorative pillow cover is what will determine the overall appeal of the throws. Sometimes, people aren’t very careful with this process hence end up improperly stuffing the cover or even breaking the pillow cover. With a step by step guide from an expert, you will learn how to stuff your decorative pillow cover correctly.
how to stuff the decorative pillow cover
Step 1- Get All the Materials Ready
Stuffing the decorative pillow cover starts with finding the right size of the pillow insert for the pillow. Before settling down to begin the process, it is advisable that you gather all the materials; match pillow cover, pillow insert and scissors beforehand. This eliminates the need to run back and forth for each material hence wasting time. We highly recommend to buy the pillow insert and pillow cover from one shop, this reduce the risk to buy unmatched material.
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Step 2- Open the vacuum bag carefully so as not to cut the pillow
Once you’ve confirmed that you have all the materials ready, prepare the pillow. Take the vacuum bag and gently open it. Hurriedly tearing the bag or ripping it using scissors or any other sharp object increases the risk of tearing. Poking or damaging the pillow in the process. It is therefore advisable to open it at the seams and slide out the pillow.
Step3- Flutter the Insert
Chances are that the pillow is flat of pressed in order to make the packaging compact and small. Therefore, you will need to flutter your pillow repeatedly until it is nice and fluffy. For this, place the pillow in between your hands and gently toss it around while patting in on all sides. This will spread out the filling and fluff up the pillow.
Step 4- How to Stuff
This is the most important step but most of people ignore. Folding the pillow into half and stuff is a highly recommended technique that will not damage the pillow cover.
  1. Gently fold the pillow insert in half and squeeze two sides together tightly.
  2. Make sure hold two sides with one hand and open the pillow cover with the other hand, push the insert to the end of pillow cover.
  3. Release the insert gently and adjust the four corners in the right place of the pillow cover.
Step 5- Zip Up the Pillow Cover
After you stuff the pillow cover, it is time to zip up the pillow cover, but make sure there is no threads or fabric stop the zipper, also remember, gently.
Step 6- Squeeze the Pillow
A common mistake that people make is to insert the whole pillow into the pillow cover. This will not give you the fluffy effect that a decorative pillow should have. In this case, it is advisable that you fold the actual pillow into half then gently slide it inside the pillow cover.
Ensure that you center the folded pillow to the pillow case so that when you release the pillow, it opens up to evenly fill the cover. See to it that the insert it fully for the bottom of the pillow to touch the bottom of the decorative pillow case.
Step 7- Flutter the Pillow Again
If done right, the pillow will sit comfortably within the decorative pillow cover. Feel free to adjust it if not. However, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, remove it and repeat step 6. Thereafter, flutter the pillow once more until it fluffs up into the cover beautifully. By now, the pillow has blended in well with the cover and is looking fluffy and full.
Step 8- Done
By now, your decorative throw pillow is ready to take its rightful position at the most strategic place in the living room.
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